Robin Hood Invades TotalGaming

Stardock has released the popular PC adventure/strategy game, Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood onto its electronic distribution network.

In Robin Hood you take on the role of the title character in an effort to take control of the King's throne. The game received an 8.6 rating on Gamespot and has won universal acclaim in the media and game players alike.

The game is a viewed in the third person. Players control each of the legendary characters tactically as they avoid being seen by sentries, fighting battles with their opponents, and building up an army for the eventual battle for the throne. The game is part strategy game, part adventure where building units and upgrading your workshops is combined with missions to infiltrate the enemy's castles.

Previously only available at retail, now users can go to and purchase it stand-alone for $19.95 and immediately download it. Players can also purchase for $89 which includes Robin Hood and other games as well such as Galactic Civilizations, The Political Machine, ORB, Disciples II, and more.

Visit to learn more.

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