Road Not Taken To Launch On PC, PS4

RoadNotTakenfixLife is an adventure, and so is Road Not Taken, an original, single-player roguelike puzzle video game about life’s choices and surprises, arriving today on the PlayStation 4 and on PC & Mac via Steam.

“It starts out looking like a simple puzzle game, but underneath is a mysterious procedurally-generated world that is loaded with secrets.” explained Daniel Cook, Chief Creative Officer of Spry Fox. “We tried to create a life in miniature, where there’s no ‘best’ way to play. It’ll take the average person dozens of hours to master all the various encounters and strategies in Road Not Taken. And like most good roguelikes, it is not a forgiving game. You can expect to die repeatedly.”

Players walk Road Not Taken as an enigmatic ranger and newcomer to a town which every winter loses several of its children to the freezing, treacherous nearby forest. Every year, your hero can opt to brave the brutal blizzards and challenging labyrinths of the forest to rescue these trapped younglings. But with a lifetime of only 15 years, and endless puzzling possibilities presented by the constantly shifting routes, objects, obstacles, hazards and predators of the forest, each venture into the woods is a test that requires careful thought. Your actions (or inaction) will impact not only your own life’s story, but those of the friends you make, loves you forge and village you call home.

That journey is bolstered by Spry Fox’s dynamic puzzle structure, deep crafting system and distinctive artwork for Road Not Taken, featuring beautiful 2D sprite design and evocative sound and music effects.

Road Not Taken is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB, can be purchased for $14.99 on PlayStation 4, and is currently on sale for 20% off on Steam for Mac and Windows operating systems.

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