RHEM 3 Goes Gold

Got Game Entertainment LLC today announced that "RHEM 3", an intricate pure-puzzle, first-person adventure game for PC and Mac has gone gold. In this third installment in the popular "RHEM" series, the adventures of brothers Kales and Zetais continue in a labyrinthine world of hidden rooms and secret passages, strange vehicles and odd machines. Featuring non-linear gameplay, non-violent story, and mind-bending puzzles, "RHEM 3" opens the door to a new journey of mystery and adventure this February. The game makes its retail debut at $29.99 (USD) and is rated "E" for Everyone by the ESRB.

"RHEM 3" finds you in search of a powerful black gem. As alluring atmospheric sounds surround, you search for hints hidden in a secret library and ponder clues offered by the peculiar inhabitants of the world of RHEM. With an adventurous spirit, logical thinking, and keen puzzle-solving, you will slowly but surely divine the location of this curious treasure and unveil the secret it holds.

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