RHEM 2 Ships


Got Game Entertainment today announced that "RHEM 2", an intricate first person puzzle-based adventure game for both PC and Mac, has arrived in game retailers across North America. Featuring non-linear gameplay, an immersive, non-violent story, and mind-bending puzzles, "RHEM 2" is set as a direct sequel in story and gameplay to its popular predecessor, but stands entirely on its own. Players join brothers Zetais and Kales as they explore a mystifying hidden city in underground caves far beneath the earth's surface. "RHEM 2" is rated "E" for Everyone by the ESRB and debuts for a suggested retail price of $29.99 (USD).

Having gained entry to the curious city of "RHEM 2", players venture ever deeper, exploring a maze of clandestine caves, secret rooms, intricate walkways, tunnels and water systems. In this place of atmospheric ambient sounds, "RHEM 2" players experience whistling winds and haunting echoes in the caves, the rush of water in underground ports, and the rhythmic sound of machines and railway cars moving through the subterranean maze. Marveling at beautifully detailed environments while solving clever puzzles, players search for an enigmatic artifact that must be found before returning to the surface.

"For fans of adventure games or any sort of mind-bending challenges, ‘RHEM 2' is the game for you," said Got Game Entertainment President, Howard Horowitz. "Now that the last puzzle has been solved on a certain other famous sequel, ‘RHEM 2' arrives just in time to give adventure game lovers even more puzzling fun."

For more information on this game of more intrigue, more mystery, and more adventure, visit www.Rhem2.com.

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