Resident Evil 3 Remake: Horror or Not?

The “Resident Evil 2” remake has just moved in for more than a year. But the aftershocks of this brilliant fresh cure can still be clearly felt. With bold graphics, a change of perspective and a few small but subtle changes, the new edition of the second part became a player’s favorite and box office hit. So fans still have the impressions in mind and accordingly clear ideas about what they hope for from the “Resident Evil 3” remake. The test clarifies whether Capcom has succeeded in a stroke of genius with the new edition of the 20-year-old original.

Resident Evil 3 remake: lots of action, hardly any puzzles

Much of the success of “Resident Evil 2” and the remake is certainly due to the game itself. It benefited from the often subtle, slow horror, the tension and an incredibly good police station as the main location. Here, many puzzles were lined up, with the solution of which players always cleared new spaces and paths; and staggering zombies lurked behind every door and corner. Large shooting sequences were not frequent, and ammunition shortages were the order of the day. In most parts of the game, the brutal Tyrant was only seen in carefully metered moments, but the encounters were all the more threatening. “Resident Evil 3” remake hits a different notch and brings a lot more action and significantly less puzzles. After a short intro, the game goes full throttle: The policewoman Jill Valentine is on the run from the massive meatball called Nemesis – a huge laboratory breed with bad skin, nasty chewing bar and definitely gibberish. The grunting giant was programmed to hunt down all of the STARS members and to rudely remove them from life. So Jill is in greatest danger.

Resident Evil 3 remake: Escape from RC

With the testosterone barrel at the back of her neck, which suddenly appears in various game sections and causes stunk, Jill has to make her way through Raccoon City. A virus has turned most of the people there into zombies. Fans already know the scenario from the second part, now it is told from a different perspective. Fortunately, the tough cop quickly meets Carlos Oliveira. He belongs to a small special unit that wants to get all survivors out of the city. Apparently, this is only possible with the subway, for which Jill first has to get a few parts.

Alone in this task she is rarely. The streets, sewers, hospital, and other places are full of aggressive undead who seek Jill’s life. Their appearance and movements are almost the same as the second remake. In contrast to his main characters, Jill has a new move in stock, which was not available in the original: With the shoulder button, she dodges at lightning speed and can pull her head out of the loop in hot moments. Theoretically it works, but in practice the timing is a bit difficult to determine. Often the zombies were too close to dodge and could ram their rotten teeth into Jill’s throat.

Resident Evil 3 remake: weapons

So you’d better run away or shoot the zombies. Jill has various weapons ready for this. Of course, the knife has been at the start right from the start and, to the delight of many, no longer wears out. Heavy equipment and upgrades are now much earlier in the game. The focus on action is also noticeable on this point. Again briefly on weapons and upgrades: In the remake, the player will find the “Resi” -typical item management and save points. So you try to make good use of the limited space in your bag, for example with weapons, mission objects and medicines. From found items, you again produce medicinal herbs and ammunition, larger weapons, such as shotguns and assault rifles, occupy more slots in the inventory. There is additional storage space in the well-known boxes next to the memory typewriters.

Resident Evil 3 remake: opponents

To the opponents: In addition to zombies, for example, you meet the nimble lickers from the second part. But since you are better equipped this time, the beasts will not make your life as hell as it was in the remake of the predecessor. The well-known opponents are joined by a few new ones, which are true horror in a positive sense. You have no choice but to blow the pears away with a few well placed shots – which looks pretty unappetizing. Tender minds should say at this point that the gore factor has been significantly reduced compared to the predecessor. But it’s not as easy to play as you might believe.

Overall, the enemies look fat: from the standard zombies with milky eyes to the reptile-hybrid creatures. And yes, even though the player and Nemesis are definitely not going to be best friends, you have to leave this huge pile of organic waste to look terribly beautiful. However, Capcom is not completely able to hide the age of the original game. Jill’s gait seems a bit stiff and the struggles with Nemesis, where the player is constantly running in circles, shooting, collecting ammunition, shooting, healing, shooting, is no longer up to date.

Resident Evil 3 remake: graphics

But the look of “Resi 3″ is here and now, the predecessor cut from the face. No wonder, because Capcom has tried the RE engine that was designed for ” Resident Evil 7 ” for both parts – and it does a great job in the brand new “Resident Evil 3” remake. In the few quiet passages, the player can let Raccoon City melt on the iris. Light and shadow are an absolute eye-catcher here, for example when neon signs and lanterns create a scary night scenery. The reflections in the puddles also look great. There are no significant bugs or image stutterers. If you didn’t know better, there is hardly anything to suggest a remake of a 20-year-old game – from a time when the D-Mark was still around.

Resident Evil 3 remake: conclusion 

There are many types of games like Resident Evil, you can find a great list with similar games. Even the game’s genre is very popular since it can be found in card games, table games and some online casino games. There’s plenty you can choose from, but you should take a look first at this remake, since you might find it very interesting and you’ll enjoy its gameplay.

With all these being said, the remake of “Resident Evil 2”, Capcom has set the bar very high. The successor does not quite manage to get this quality because it is blunt and hardly scary due to its action-heavy nature. Big fans of “Resi 2”, who loved the often slowed down pace and the well-balanced balance of puzzles and action, will certainly not adore “Resident Evil 3” so much – but they will probably still like the new edition. Because if you ignore the comparison with the predecessor, Capcom has conjured up a really successful remake from its sleeve, whose old DNA is difficult to recognize. The credits flicker on the screen after just seven to eight hours, but the campaign is accordingly tight.

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