Ragnarok 2 Update: Advent Of Valkyrie

WarpPortal is proud to announce their latest update to Ragnarok Online 2, titled Advent of Valkyrie. The Advent of Valkyrie update brings dangerous new monsters, wicked new dungeons, and revealing the mysteries of the ancient Morroc City and its ruins. In addition the New Master system, will give max level players access to a whole new set of skills, abilities, and items!

Morroc City and Tomb of Osiris

Located in the Southwest portion of the Midgard continent, the ancient city of Morroc and the arid Dayr Desert, waits for adventurers to discover their buried wealth and riches. Those brave enough can also venture into the new dungeon, Tomb of Osiris.

Master Level

Once you have achieved level 50 in both your class and profession you can continue to expand your capabilities with the Master System. Offering nearly infinite customizability of your equipment, Stat and Skills choices, the Master Level system will expand your capabilities beyond anything you’ve seen before! There will also be a new refinement system and new crafting recipes that are sure to make your equipment even more powerful.

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