Proposed Law Would Tax Video Games


Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach wants to create a law in that state which would add a one percent tax to computer games on top of the current five percent sales tax in that state. According to Erpenbach's plan, the extra money generated by the tax would fund the juvenile justice system, making sure that youthful offenders who are non-violent are processed in juvenile and not adult court. According to Erpenbach, 17-year-olds in that state are treated as adults by the court, and the tax would fund moving them back into the juvenile system.

"Number one, I think it's the right thing to do because not all seventeen-year-olds belong in the adult system when it comes to non-violent offenses," said Erpenbach. "But secondly, in the long run, the numbers show that if you treat certain situations in a juvenile delinquent-type of a setting, as opposed to an adult setting, chances are there's going to be less of a problem when the kid gets older."

But Erpenbach's plan for the state is not assured, as resistance immediately popped up. Wisconsin State Representative Steve Nass questioned the logic of linking video games to juvenile crime and also questioned why games should be singled out to support a tax increase.

Apparently, Erpenbach was not expecting the kind of attention his idea would receive. He attempted to explain the idea by saying, "The idea being that this is kind of a kids-kids thing, in other words, if we're going to do this for kids maybe this would be a good way to go about it. And if it's not the best way, I'm open to any other way."

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