Prank TV, Instinct Added To Prize Pool

Two amazing games from Wild Hare have been added to the GiN Prize Pool this week. Both Prank TV and Instinct are now possible prizes for one lucky GiN reader each week. Subscribing to the weekly newsletter is completely free, so if you want a chance to win either of these awesome PC games, Subscribe Now!

"Every game that we put into the prize pool is one that we know our readers will love," said Nate Wooley, publisher of "And the people at Wild Hare were nice enough to provide several copies of each game for our fans. And after playing either of these great games, I know you will become a fan of Wild Hare as well. They are a real up and coming company in this market, and we look forward to seeing even more great things from them. For now, enjoy these top titles. We love giving games away and hope each of our readers gets to take one home."

Instinct was recently given 3 and 1/2 GiN Gems by our reviewers. The game takes place in North Korea at a secret weapons lab where zombies have gotten out of control, or we should say, a virus has gotten out of control that is turning people into zombies.

Said our reviewer, "Instinct offers some great storytelling and a solid zombie blasting experience. And that was enough to keep me up for three nights playing it until I finished it. I was sucked into the interesting storyline, but really if you just want to blast zombies, then that is okay too." Visit the official game site to learn more about Instinct!

The second Wild Hare title going into the prize pool this week is Prank TV, a hilarious take on the reality TV craze today. You try to sneak into your neighbors homes and set up some ingenious pranks without getting caught, all for the benefit of the TV audience. Check it out if you dare learn about Prank TV.

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