Postal Game Celebrates 10 Years

It was 1997 when the Postal Dude first stepped onto the streets of a virtual Arizona and was instantly declared the poster boy for over-the-top violence in videogames. It's now ten years since game developer Running With Scissors' original incarnation of POSTAL rocked everyone from the US Postal Service to game fans the world over. In the past decade many M rated games have GTA'd their way to the top on the back of the Postal Dude.

"THANK YOU to all our fans, to gamers of all ages and genres, and to all those that wish we'd go away – RWS has no regrets," declared a proud Vince Desi, RWS CEO. "Over the past ten years many a fan has walked in the shoes of the Postal Dude and, most importantly, enjoyed every step of the gameplay."

Despite the fact that the POSTAL series has been the favorite whipping boy for political demagogues decrying mayhem in modern gaming, the POSTAL franchise has sold over one million units worldwide and received copious awards from the game industry while being licensed in over a dozen countries. From featuring TV's #1 child star Gary Coleman in POSTAL 2, to appearing in the Black Eyed Peas' breakthrough music video hit, "Where Is the Love?", Running With Scissors will climax the 10th Anniversary with the release movie POSTAL by controversial film director Uwe Boll.

RWS's loyal support from the Postal community has helped launch top-ranked gaming mods and a series of secondary franchises over the years, including the fabulous Postal Babes, whose ranks have included such smoking hotties as Playboys Bridget Marquardt from the cable TV smash hit "The Girls Next Door", Traci Bingham from "Baywatch" and former Playboy Playmate Jennifer Walcott.

Additionally, the company newsletter is being completely re-launched as an online magazine dubbed POSTAL NATION that will debut next month. And finally, as the franchise's tenth anniversary comes to a raucous climax, RWS is deeply involved in the ongoing development of the long-awaited console premiere of POSTAL III, which will arrive on the Xbox 360 and PC/Mac in 2008.

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