Post Apocalyptic RPG Encased Nears Funding Goals

News today from Dark Crystal games, as their 1970’s era post apocalyptic RPG Encased gets close to full funding. Encased looks a lot like classic Fallout, and that could be a very good thing.

From the developer:

Since September 13th and the launch of our Kickstarter campaign, we’ve raised $72,000 of our target $100,000. This is pretty damn good, but it’s time for a final push. Storm-clouds are gathering under the Dome. Maelstrom is about to break free!

We’ve published a first reveal video of the opening section of the game, which walks through the storyline and the gameplay. Check out how the game gives you important choices – with real consequences right from the beginning.

We’ve already announced our first stretch goal – a dangerous new encounter at a crashed bomber, where the player will fight waves of raiders, relying only on themselves, a minefield, and a pair of large-caliber machine guns mounted on the plane’s fuselage. Read about this and more in Kickstarter Update #12.


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