Pole To Win Opens California Game Test Studio

Pole To Win Co., Ltd. (PTW), one of the world’s largest game testing companies, has opened a full-service studio in Sunnyvale, California.

PTW, which operates seven studios in Japan and employs more than 2,000 testers working 24/7, provides quality assurance (QA), localization, focus group testing and customer relation services to U.S., European and Asian publishers. Sixteen of the 20 largest publishers are clients.

Founded in 1994, PTW can provide premium services for all platforms and genres of games. PTW has worked with everyone from major publishers on licenses, sequels and other AAA titles to indie developers creating original IP for computer, console and mobile games. The company has handled professional testing and QA for more than 6,000 titles, including hundreds sold on a worldwide basis, and localized more than 200 titles for multiple languages.

PTW is making the move to California to be closer to customers. Pole To Win America (PWTA) will offer comprehensive services to U.S. clients.

"While the company offers multilingual services around the clock and has worked for U.S. companies for years, we felt moving to the West Coast, where we would be within an hour of most major publishers, would allow us to develop even deeper understanding of their needs," said Teppei Tachibana, President and CEO, Pole To Win America, and a senior corporate officer and board member of PTW. "We are also opening a full service studio, with local testers, trained and supervised by PTW, and multinational translators, so our customers can visit us and see our operations."

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