Pole To Win Offering Mobile Game Testing


Pole To Win America, one of the world’s largest game testing company group, has started offering mobile testing services for games and apps for the Android and iOS.

The new mobile testing and localization services are now available in the company’s Sunnyvale studio and also in Japan.

When it comes to quality control, developers often find delivering a game (or app) free of software bugs to be elusive. Testing requires a large number of professional testers. Localizing applications is also a challenge for companies without the funds to hire qualified linguists with native language skills.

Pole To Win has a 10-year track-record encompassing the testing of both games and apps on more than 600 different handsets in Japan. U.S. companies targeting the Japanese market can also get the Japan-based company to localize their game and/or app in any language, the kind of multi-national support few competitors are able to offer.

"Our experience testing mobile applications in Japan, in tandem with our U.S. console testing service, launched in 2010, will allow Pole To Win America to offer superior mobile testing as well as localization services," Teppei Tachibana, President and CEO, Pole To Win America said. "We will offer the same quality and customer satisfaction we have demonstrated in the console space, helping mobile developers deliver highly-polished apps and games on time and on budget."

Since founding its Silicon Valley operations in August of 2009, Pole To Win America has handled testing for 50 U.S. publishers, working on more than 150 titles for console, mobile devices and the PC. The company has also done work for 16 of the 20 largest publishers, worldwide.

For a complete list of services and more information, please visit the PTWA website at www.poletowinamerica.com or the PTW site, www.ptw.co.jp.

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