PlayWay’s Realistic Heavy Duty Construction Machine Operator Simulator Coming Soon to Steam

Heavy Duty Construction is a realistic simulator where players get to experience being the operator of many construction machines starting from a small demolition robot to huge tower cranes and bulldozers that help to accomplish even the toughest required tasks. And all of this in the exciting region of the Netherlands.

Often, before starting to build, players will have to demolish the existing infrastructure. Players can take advantage of a wide range of construction machines and other options to accomplish this including a demolition robot, an excavator or even the use of dynamite.

Heavy Duty Construction allows players to build and raise structures with a wide range of machines such as beginning with the foundation, where it will be necessary to use a pump truck and a concrete mixer. Ofcourse, a variety of machines will be used throughout the buidling of the structure, all the way to the roof where a tower crane will be needed.

Remember that in the Netherlands it may be impossible in some cases to reach the construction site with heavy equipment using traditional roads. In this case, the canal will help players! Use barges for this purpose, where players can load their equipment and deliver them on time to the designated place.

After finishing work, don’t forget to clean up the construction site!

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