PlayStation 3 Prices, Launch Date Unveiled

Right from the start of the Sony Press Event, Kaz Hirai announced the pricing structure for the PlayStation 3. This is a good indication that Sony is coming out swinging against chief rival Microsoft, and other competitor Nintendo.

Two configurations will be available. A system with a 20 GB hard drive will sell for $499, while the 60 GB system will sell for $599.

Sony has also announced that two million units will be set for the launch date of November 17, 2006, with an additional two million at the end of 2006, and yet another two million slated for March 2007.

In another shocking event, Hirai announced that the PlayStation 3 WILL be playable on the show floor of E3 this year. GiN will have hands on with the PlayStation 3, with a full report of the system on Wednesday night.


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