Penguin Releases Ultra Safe Wii Sports Pack

Penguin United is doing its part to contribute to the world of video game sports by offering the ultra soft Safe Sports Pack for Nintendo Wii. Designed for comfort and versatility, the Safe Sports Pack provides consumers with a three-in-one kit for tennis, golf and baseball games for Nintendo Wii. The Safe Sports Pack is a must-have for any serious fan of Wii sports.

The Safe Sports Pack adds realism and improves game play to any tennis, golf or baseball video game for Nintendo Wii. The Safe Sports Pack's ultra soft design is child-safe, extremely durable and has a suggested retail price of only $29.99.

"In terms of comfort and game play, the Soft Sports Pack is perfect for Wii sports fans," stated Richard Huang, Penguin's President. "Each attachment — for tennis, golf and baseball — is molded in ultra soft, durable material which makes the Soft Sports Pack exceptionally reliable and safe."

Product Highlights:

• Soft, Safe and Durable Spongy Material Design

• Includes Tennis, Golf and Baseball Attachments
• Easy Fit Design with Interlocking Handle

• Port Access for Nunchucks

• SRP: $29.99

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