Patton Book Makes Game Chapter

Merscom LLC today announced an agreement with book publishers McFarland & Company for inclusion of a chapter from their book "Patton's Vanguard: The United States Army Fourth Armored Division" in Merscom's upcoming military arcade-style action game for PC, "WWII Tank Commander". An electronic version of the vividly detailed chapter will be included as a bonus in the game where players take command of a Sherman tank in General Patton's elite Fourth Armored Division. The game is being developed by Sylum Entertainment and is slated for a February 2005 release.

With its stirring accounts of the legendary campaigns of the United States Fourth Armored Division, universally recognized as "Patton's Best", and including first-hand recollections from members of the Fourth Armored Division gathered by author Don M. Fox, "Patton's Vanguard" perfectly compliments the scope of the game.

"As both the game and the book follow the brave exploits of the Fourth Armored Division, we thought it would be a great fit for ‘WWII Tank Commander' and a unique bonus for players," said Merscom Director, Lloyd Melnick. "As history buffs and gamers, we found ‘Patton's Vanguard' one of the most interesting reads and an excellent reflection of the excitement of the game."

With detailed WWII-era environments, arcade-style gameplay, and eye-catching special effects, "WWII Tank Commander" is aimed to engage and entertain gamers, tank enthusiasts, history buffs, and everyone in between. Featuring multiple mission styles with objectives such as Assault, Escort, Defense, and Rescue, and with backdrops from France to Germany, "WWII Tank Commander" players are set to experience non-stop military arcade action.

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