Oracle 1z0-808 Exam Preparation Topics and Tips

If you earn a few high-quality certifications, then they will certainly help you in your professional career. Certifications open up new avenues for your career and that what makes them so important. Once you have earned a certificate from a reliable source, then no one can question your credibility and skills. If you apply for a job and the employer sees that you have an Oracle certification such as Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer on your resume, then it will certainly attract attention.

It has been seen in the professional work sphere that Oracle certification which one gains after completion of 1z0-808 exam, gives you a better chance of getting a good job. If you are skilled enough to clear Oracle 1Z0-808 exam, then it automatically sets you apart from the other candidates. You may even be considered to be superior to your colleagues. Anyone with Oracle 1Z0-808 certification exam also gets a higher salary than others. These are just some of the reasons why you should take Oracle 1z0-808 Exam Dumps.

Preparing for the Exam

Oracle 1Z0-808 exam is not an easy exam and that is why anyone who clears it gets so many benefits professionally. Even if you are experienced in the field and are a professional, you will still need to study hard if you want to get that certificate. Studying for Oracle exam is ultimately helpful even if you don’t pass the exam. After all the time you spent in learning, you will be able to improve your programming skills and learn new things related to programming.

English is the main language for this certificate and you have to take the test in this language. There is no other language to choose from, however, a plus point here is that you can find a lot of helpful learning material in the English language for Oracle 1Z0-808 exam. Do not keep the score in mind, just do your best and you will automatically get good results. After getting this certificate you can achieve a lot more professionally, and that will just be the beginning.

The duration of the exam is no more than 150 minutes, during this time you will have to answer 70 questions. Each question is different from the other and you will have to remember everything that you have learned. If you wish to pass the exam, you will have to score a minimum of 65%. All questions are multiple choice based.

There are quite a few sample tests that you can find online and solving them is a great place to start. The questions that you may find on the sample tests are similar to those that you may meet at the exam. Most of the questions are those that have appeared in the past, however, don’t be mistaken because there is a small chance that the questions will be repeated. Oracle has a lot of unique questions in their arsenal and they make sure that all the questions are new and unique.

So, you can easily check it at the PrepAway website.

One good thing about the exam is that you get your result very quickly, this might be a problem for some people but a blessing for others. Just after 30 minutes, your result is sent to you via email and you can see what you answered correctly and what answers were wrong. If you managed to clear the test, then your certification will be sent to you electronically after 3 – 4 days max.

The Topics

Various topics are covered in this exam. Some of the main topics are stated below.

Java Basics

This is the first of the many topics and it sounds exactly like it is. You need to know all the basics of Java as the exam is based on the Java programming language. You should be able to define variables, structures of a class, import packages and use other Java features as well.

Java Data Types

If you have learned Java previously, then you will already know the different Java data types. You should know how to declare and initialize variables along with typecasting. You should know the difference between primitive and reference variables. You will have to develop code that uses Double, Integer or Boolean as wrapper classes.

Operator and Decision Constructs

To pass the exam you should also know how to use Java operators and use parentheses in order override operator precedence. You should use switch statements and create if and ternary constructs.

Arrays and Loops

The next topic that you need to learn is declaring and initializing both one-dimensional as well as multi-dimensional arrays. You should create and use while loops along with for loops, do-while loops and more.

Encapsulation and Methods

You will also be required to create methods that return values, overloaded methods are also part of this. You should be able to create overload constructors and also tell the difference between user-defined and default constructors. You will also have to apply access modifiers along with encapsulation.

Inheritance and Exception Handling

You should know the basic concepts of inheritance and its benefits. You should develop code that uses polymorphism and overrides methods. You will also learn about abstract classes and interfaces. Exception handling is another important part of the exam. Exception handling is difficult in itself and that is why you need to study hard.

Java API

Lastly, you will have to learn to work with a few classes from Java API. You will have to manipulate data using StringBuilder class and more. You can also create and manipulate strings. If you haven’t worked with Java API’s in the past then this bit will seem most difficult. However, with a little bit of determination, you will pull through.


These were some of the things that you should know about Oracle 1Z0-808 exam. It is an absolute must-haveexam if you are a programmer. Anyone who wants a better chance at a job should take this exam because if the employer sees Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmeron your resume then it will be helpful in many ways.

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