An Alchemist’s FFXIV Gil Guide

In Final Fantasy XIV, alchemy may not be the top earner among the Disciples of Hand classes, but you can be sure that it will always be en vogue. After all, the player base will always need consumables. Still, constant demand doesn’t mean certain, fast, and effective profit.

For that, here’s an FFXIV Gil Guide.

Create and Concoct

Before you can make Gil out of this crafting class, you first have to know all the things you can craft. Yes, the alchemist is popular for its potions, especially those that participate in raids. Aside from that, the class can also make arms for Conjurer/White Mage and Arcanist/Scholar/Summoner. It should go without saying that these classes work best with alchemists. Do note, however, that alchemists create wands for conjurers/white mages. Right now, it’s not a popular choice as staves, in general, have better stats. Still, if you want a cheap leveling weapon, a wand is a good and oftentimes cheap choice, so you might as well make one.

Status ailment removal items also sell quite well. For example, Disciples of Magic usually carry echo drops so that they can cure silence in case they get inflicted with it. Due to how defenseless they are without their spells, this is an unsurprisingly popular sell.

Beyond Consumables

It can also make components used by other Disciples of Hand classes such as glues, rubbers, inks, oils, growth formula, and many others. A good example of this is dissolvents, which you sell a stack of ten for around 100,000 Gil. Aside from potions and consumables, these will be the items that you can sell for a good amount of Gil. In fact, if you have plans to take up other Disciples of Hand jobs, it’s recommended that you should get alchemy first.

While alchemy is complementary to the Disciple of Hand class, for the others, it also is highly recommended for Alchemy to have a complementary Disciples of Land job. For alchemy, the most quintessential one is obviouslyBotanist. In fact, this in itself is already a good way to make money. But of course, you wouldn’t be doing that if you truly wanted to be an alchemist. Plus, you’re better off using lower-level materials for crafting rather than selling them en masse.

Level Up with Levequests

In order to be able to do all that as an alchemist, you’ll need to grind levels. Most of the time, you’ll be doing tradecraft levequests. The location where you’ll be taking your levequests from depends on your level. At level 1-10, it’d be in Scorpions Crossing, Horizon at 15, Quarrymillat 20-25, and Costa del Sol at 30. At level 35, it’d be in the Observatorium, and Whitebrim at level 40.

You can also choose to keep getting levequests from Coerthasfrom 35 to 40. If you’re even the type that wants to heavily grind and are too lazy to go elsewhere, you can just stay in Ul’dahand get all your levequests from there. But once you want a change of pace, you can go to MorDhona or St. Coinach’s Find.

Upon hitting level 50, you’ll be getting your levequests from Ishgard. But despite all this, it’s not going to be easy due to how time-consuming and boring it is to go on a continual grind. To break the monotony, you can do other things such as beast tribe quests.

All Disciples of Hand classes can travel the road to riches.  And if you are looking to try your hand at making a little coin in real life, you might give quinnbet a try. Who knows, you might strike it rich in real life and in Final Fantasy XIV at the same time!

Alchemists may not be able to get rich quite as fast, but you know what they say: Slow and steady wins the race. It’s not a competition anyway, so alchemists, take your time because we’ll definitely buy your potions!

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