Online Slots are Taking the UK by Storm and the Players Love it

There’s a real online slot fever shaking the UK right now and it’s taking the entire country by storm. The best thing is, the players love it and online slots have never been more popular in the UK than now.

2019 is definitely the year of online entertainment and there are so many slots gambling enthusiast can play that finding just one won’t be easy at all.

The latest and most advanced technology made online slots even flashier, more appealing, and simply amazing. Outstanding animations, stunning graphics, never-ending fun, opportunities to make an extremely high return to player rates, these are all reasons why the UK players are so hooked on online slots.

With all that in mind, we’ll delve deeper into some of the best online slots in the UK, the differences and changes in the online slot world that happened in the last few years, stats and facts, and more.

The subtle differences and changes

It’s more than evident that every modern industry is going through big changes as modern technology advances.

The same goes for the gambling industry of the UK. In fact, the changes, and differences the players are experiencing today are a big part of the reason why online slots are the king of gambling in the UK.

The UK players were used to slot machines, but with the rise of online slots, things have greatly changed. This is mostly due to the evident differences between online slots and slot machines. So, how are online slots different from slot machines?

Well, despite the fact that in-house casino slots offer plenty of fun and are still the favorite entertainment for some players, online slots improve the gambling experience in so many different ways.

The biggest difference is that most casino slot games feature a very static and quite plain design, where online slots feature interactive and extremely fun graphics that keep players not only entertained but more engaged.

There are immersive and outstanding themes, as well as more versatility when it comes to online slots. Perhaps the best thing about online slots is that the odds are on the players’ side, which makes the game more exciting.

The most popular online slots in the UK

While there are many different online slots, five of them are the most popular in the UK:

  • Classic slots – classically designed 3-reel slots that are probably the most popular among the UK players.
  • Video slots – these are mostly classic slots but modernized with more reels and multiple pay lines.
  • Progressive slots – the biggest attraction in online casinos.
  • 3D slots – falling under the category of the newest generation of video slots.
  • No download – online slots that don’t require a player to download and install any software.

When it comes to the most popular online slots in the UK, all you need is one good site and Prime Slots UK is exactly what you’re looking for. This is a leading online casino site where you can find all levels of gambling experience to suit your personal taste or even develop one.

How developers approach creating online slots

When developers think about creating online slots, they need to carefully choose their approach. Well, the best way to approach creating online slots is by following a pattern that includes:

  • Brainstorming and research – developing online slots requires detailed research of the market to determine what the players are into, what the game will look like, the features it will have, and which players will play it.
  • Topic – each online slot has its own topic, as this is very important when attracting different types of audiences. Some people love mythical creatures, others love pop culture, but all of them love gambling, so you get the point.
  • Design – we live in a visual world so, of course, the design is extremely important in the modern world of online slots. Online slots have to be visually appealing to captivate the players.
  • Gameplay – this also plays an important role in creating online slots today, as this is what will eventually keep the players glued to the game, spending more. If you want to find out more about the entire process of making online slots, go here to read more.

UK slot stats and facts

According to UKGC or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, currently, there are over 180,000 gambling machines in the country. When it comes to the total gambling market share, 37,33% of it account for online slots.

Some 29,6% of online gamblers consider themselves to be profitable players, with 8% of them playing online slot games on a regular basis.

In fact, 31, 4% of men in the UK think that online slots are profitable. Most online slots aren’t rigged and it’s possible to get 95% RTP or return to player, while the other 5% goes to the online casino.

What does the future hold?

When it comes to the future, the gambling industry is in for some changes. The cost of the consumption tax is expected to go up, while the number of fixed-odds betting terminals will be reduced to battle gambling addiction rates.

The gross gaming yield will continue to grow and online slots will entirely replace slot machines in the next few years. There will be an entirely new generation of online casinos, stepping up the game and making sure that the UK gambling industry continues to grow and expand.

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