Online Pokies: Features, Symbols, And Winning Combinations

Pokies is a popular type of gambling entertainment that is easy to enjoy and that promises massive gains. Every beginner and experienced player dreams of getting the greatest reward by placing bets and coming up with different strategies while playing poker.

The diversity of available gaming options makes pokies even more popular and well-loved among the wider audience. You can find the best pokies at – a reliable portal with top online casino and game reviews. Feel free to pick any game from the list and make money online.

There are many schemes and techniques that are used to increase the chances of winning, but whether all these methods and approaches are so effective, you can find out only if you know how the slot works. In this review, we will talk about how pokies work, what the main symbols are, and which games are considered the best.

Online Pokies – The Basics

The game of pokie consists of several main components that make up a whole mechanism. A certain action depends on each component: the reels show symbols and chains; the control panel allows you to place bets and make other settings; the software executes the commands given by a player. Let’s consider each component in more detail so that we have an idea of what to expect from the game.

What Is the Rate Level?

Novice players cannot always understand the rates, often confusing the amount per line and the denomination of the coin. Some do not understand what the denomination means and why it is installed on the slot. Let’s give a small example: the slot machine offers a nominal value of 0.1 units, what does this mean? By selecting this value and activating 9 lines, 0.9 coins will be deducted for the spin.

In the real world, such a denomination does not exist; coins are not divided into component parts. Thanks to this technology, you have a chance to reduce your risk by placing a bet equal to even less than one penny. It is important to deal with this even at the initial stage of mastering the slot in order to clearly understand the set amount being at stake.

What Are Reels in Pokies?

The classic pokie is a spinning reel game. The reels are arranged vertically, and their number depends on a particular slot. There can be three, five, or even more reels to choose from. It is on them that slot symbols are displayed. Each reel rotates separately, and after stopping, the images in the sectors are added into chains.

Modern developers are implementing a wide variety of graphic solutions to their gaming emulators; the reels can be displayed as falling blocks. In other machines, they can be in the form of spiral or floating symbols.

Winnings in Online Pokies

Without a doubt, this is the most popular question that most gamblers have. How winnings are calculated, which matches are considered successful, and how much you can earn for a successful combination – all these are of great interest to many. Let us answer all these questions one by one.

Symbols and Winning Combinations

Each pokie has a specific set of symbols. It has a graphical component that depends on the subject of the emulator. Previously, the classic symbols were “777”, “BAR”, and pictures with fruits. Old slots did not shine with a variety of themes and featured icons. Today, programmers and designers use all their imagination and creativity when developing a game, creating a whole storyline.

Regardless of the game theme and type, winning combinations are formed as a result of the spins of the reels after they stop. How it works in practice:

  • A gambler sets the number of active lines – their number depends on the slot model, personal decision, and the player’s passion;
  • The start key starts to work;
  • At a certain moment, the rotation stops; in some slots, a manual stop feature is provided;
  • The program determines the effectiveness of the spin by calculating the winnings based on the number of matches;
  • If the move is successful, the amount won is displayed on the scoreboard.

All allowed combinations are displayed in the paytable, which can be called up by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel. Each slot contains both more and less paid icons; the conditions for a winning combination also vary from slot to slot. For example, in one slot machine, winnings can be counted starting from two consecutive symbols, and in the other – only three icons in line can bring a win. Sometimes chains work in both directions: from left to right and vice versa.

What Are Paylines?

These are the directions in which the winning combination will be counted. Lines can be “read” horizontally, diagonally, and in various polygonal directions. It all depends on the slot modification. The same images dropped in a row will be considered winning if they are located along the active line. Therefore, most gamblers try to activate all chains at once in order to have more chances of winning.

In some pokies, the number of lines can be changed manually; in others, they are all fixed by the developer and cannot be changed. It is important to remember that the more directions are activated, the more expensive one spin of the reels will be.

Random Number Generator

The random number generator is a program that ensures the operation of the slot and its impartiality when it comes to issuing prize combinations. Its algorithm cannot be predicted by anyone, including the developer and owner of an online casino. Famous mathematicians, programmers, and psychologists took part in the development of the RNG. As a result, the modern model, namely the 128-bit md5 algorithm, was developed by a professor at the University of Massachusetts. The logic of the generator is that it does not have its own memory, so all combinations are generated randomly, without a logical conclusion and a planned result.

Starting from the moment the spins are started, the RNG produces one hundred different numbers per minute, which are assigned a certain combination. At the moment of stopping the reels, one of the numbers is fixed and symbols are formed on the screen. It all depends on at what moment the button was pressed, but it is impossible to understand which number was generated at that moment.

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