Old 1976 Video Game Remade For Charity

A group known as Internet Superstars are donating their proceeds from a flash game to Child's Play Charity.

In 1976, a company called Internet Superstars (originally ARPAnet Superstars) released a game called "The Game Conference Game." It
details a person's quest to get a job in the video game industry by attending "The Game Conference" and telling everyone about their cool game idea. First made for the PDP-10, the game was later ported for systems such as the PC and Commodore 64. It was later found that the disks used for the game were of low quality and went bad. Less than 10
years after it's release, the game existed only in the minds of it's fans.

Earlier this year, a working copy was found. The finders took up the discarded mantle of Internet Superstars. They decided to donate all revenue from the game to Child's Play Charity which donates video games to children in hospitals. The revival was done in Macromedia Flash and is playable by most computers with a web browser. Chris Best, Lead Excavator, said "We decided on Flash so that gamers everywhere could enjoy this classic. [The Game Conference Game] has been hailed as a serious game version of rogue" and added, "donating everything to Child's Play has made what we've done here much more important."The Game Conference Game can be played for free at

Internet Superstars is a game studio located in Baltimore, Maryland that makes flash games for charity.

Child's Play is a charity that donates games to children's hospitals.

More information can be found at http://childsplaycharity.org/

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