Nyko Ships Power Tuner PSP

Nyko Technologies, a premier peripherals manufacturer, has shipped the Power Tuner for the Sony PSP to retailers. Nyko’s latest PSP peripheral adds new mobility to the handheld by giving PSP owners an easy way to listen to their music, movies or games through any car stereo. PSP fans can now purchase the affordable Nyko Power Tuner from stores nationwide.

Solving two issues in one device, the Power Tuner operates both as a charger and an audio transmitter for the PSP. Fans can listen to music in the car, or parents can entertain kids by playing movies or games through the car stereo
with Nyko’s peripheral. The new product is simple to operate; drivers must simply
plug the device into an automobile’s lighter or power port. The unit transmits
audio though the car radio to the vehicle’s speakers – no batteries are required.
Nyko’s car companion for the PSP also features three channel settings that provide
easy frequency tuning options for clear audio reception.

"The Power Tuner enhances user experience by offering multiple features at a great price," said Susan Corben, vice president of marketing, Nyko Technologies. "We’ve created the perfect travel companion for PSP owners on long road trips."

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