Nyko Ships Air Flo EX PC

Nyko Technologies, manufacturer of innovative peripherals for video and computer games, has shipped its upgraded Air Flo controller for the personal computer. The Air Flo EX for PC boasts Nyko's patented Air Flo technology and includes new software that enables unique button programming as well as keyboard and mouse emulation, which allows the new controller to be fully compatible with all game titles, including those that are not game pad compatible.

Just like the original, the new and improved PC Air Flo EX ends problematic sweaty hands while playing video games by giving consumers a consistent flow of fresh air through the controller grips. One added feature includes dual air speeds enabling the user to determine the intensity level of the airflow. The sleek PC Air Flo's handgrips have also been re-designed to provide superior comfort, increased airflow and precision in PC gaming. Other standard feures include dual analog control sticks, 8-way D-pad and a 10-foot extra long cable.

"Even we were surprised at the amazing popularity of the Air Flo controllers," said Susan Corben, director, marketing, Nyko Technologies. "We continue to develop and enhance these products to ensure that our customers are not only getting the coolest controller ever, but also the most precise and comfortable. Now gamers whogrew up playing on console can enjoy playing PC titles that aren't game pad compatible, such as first person shooter games like Call of Duty."

Nyko's PC Air Flo EX ($24.99) is available at all major retail outlets and consumer electronics stores.

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