NRA Releases Shooting Game

Speedco Shooting Sports, Inc. is pleased to report the release of its second game, NRA Varmint Hunter. This simulator-style computer game features all the real-world elements of an actual varmint hunt.

Players can shoot both eastern and western varmints (ground hogs, prairie dogs and an occasional coyote) in their natural terrains. Be it the open fields of the Midwest or the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, the locations featured in NRA Varmint Hunter are true representations of the actual hunting locations found across the U.S. With the help and close cooperation of The Varmint Hunters Association, the game is as realistic as possible and offers a great introduction into this fast growing sport.

The animal behavior has been modeled in the most realistic way utilizing the expertise of serious hunters. The elusive targets are cute, but not too cute, and provide even the most inexperienced hunter a true hunting challenge.

The scientists and programmers at Speedco have effectively modeled the ballistics of firearms, including internal ballistics (the action of powder burning), external ballistics (the flight of the bullet) and the environment (wind, temperature, humidity, recoil). The game also allows the shooter to choose from many calibers, including several wildcats. Bullet types from major manufacturers are offered, as well as a number of different powder types. You can use the much improved factory firearms and ammunition, or reload, and develop "fine tuned" loads, optimizing the accuracy of your selected firearm.

All Speedco games will feature online play. This will allow anyone with a Speedco game to play against anyone else anywhere in the world that has the game and access to the Internet. This feature not only allows for the ultimate head-to-head competition, but also creates the opportunity for group and league play. It's all included in the NRA Varmint Hunter game!

NRA Varmint Hunter is the first of 15 NRA licensed titles. The National Rifle Association was instrumental in the development of this game and supplied a great deal of the educational and safety materials necessary to bring the project together. There are three releases scheduled for 2005, NRA High Power Competition (Spring 2005), NRA American Big Game Hunter (Fall 2005) and NRA Air Gun Competition (Mid 2005). There will be a minimum of 2 games released each year, thereafter.

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