Game Stars Coming To UK TV

Game Stars, the UK’s nationwide Network TV annual awards show which celebrates great video and computer games as entertainment, is to be rolled out as a major new TV series in 2005. In planning for a late Summer/Autumn broadcast, the program is expected to include 10 episodes and a special from the major consumer games exhibition that takes place at London’s ExCeL. The series will culminate in an hour-long special Game Stars awards program.

Game Stars, which has been broadcast on ITV 1 and ITV 2 at Easter as a one-off special, gives the nation and its gamers the chance to vote for its favorites games in the world’s fastest growing entertainment market.

Game Stars awards have been picked up by some of the world’s most popular games over the last two years, including: GTA: Vice City, Eye Toy, Driver 3, Need For Speed: Underground, Mario Kart: Double Dash, James Bond: Everything or Nothing and Championship Manager. In 2004 it was presented by self-confessed game fan Iain Lee and ITV 1 presenter Holly Willoughby and also included appearances by Jordan, Simon Pegg, Gary Lucy, Surrane Smith, Jennifer Ellison and music from Ash and Delays.

"Gaming has changed so much in recent years. The increasing maturity of gamers has created an appealing demographic and is a programming area we are very keen to develop. As one of the world’s favorite entertainment pastimes, it is an area rich in content, ideas, creativity and fun for all kinds of people right across the UK. We want to help give the nation’s games fans more access to the latest and greatest games," said Martin Lowde, ITV’s Director of Licensing.

He added: "The Game Stars brand we have developed for TV and associated spin off activities, such as the brilliant consumer exhibition, works very well. It may be that we have to look at the brand and its development given the desire we have to develop a series."

The new series is now in planning and is expected to include not only the latest games information and a new innovative format, but also Game Stars’ nationwide games challenge The Hunt for the UK’s Greatest Gamer.

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