NextArcade Service Gearing Up

TLC Industries, Inc. ( a recognized arcade industry leader with nearly 20 years of experience is searching for developers to help them bring the excitement of the arcades to home users. NextArcade, ( scheduled to open this fall offers more than just game downloads. In addition to great games, members may also participate in cash tournaments, community forums and all annual Game Club members also receive a FREE arcade style control panel, 30% discount on game purchases and other benefits.

"NextArcade is more than just another download service," says Ed Bender, President of TLC Industries. "When we created it we wanted to do more than everyone else. Instead of simply cloning our competitors we bring a new concept to the consumer market: home arcades " NextArcade."

Beyond just the games and community, NextArcade is designed to work with a suite of home arcade products produced by TLC Industries. These range from arcade control panels to full sized, 19 and 27 inch, stand-up arcade cabinets designed for use with NextArcade and other PC games.

"We want to bring back the golden days of arcade-style games," says James Hills, Marketing Director of TLC Industries. "There are tons of great games that would work well in a home arcade. We want those games played like they should be. Not with just a mouse and keyboard, but real, authentic arcade hardware."

TLC Industries has already assembled an initial lineup of games, but is looking for developers and online game publishers interested in distributing through NextArcade. For more details or to join the roster of NextArcade developers, contact James Hills,

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