New Thief Game Ships

Eidos plc (NASDAQ: EIDSY), one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced it has shipped to stores across North America the highly-anticipated Thief: Deadly Shadows for the Xboxâ video game system from Microsoft and PC.

Thief: Deadly Shadows is the third chapter in the Thief saga, which originated the stealth gaming genre. For the first time in Thief franchise history, the game will be available on a game console and will feature a third-person perspective. Thief: Deadly Shadows leaves actions, decisions and consequences in the hands of the gamer – the master thief Garrett.

In Thief: Deadly Shadows players are tasked with saving the world from an impending dark age. As in the original game, stealth, character choices, weapons and tools work in combination with a richly interactive world to give players freedom to solve game problems the way they want to, rather than simply figuring out the path game designers had intended. Gamers can sneak, club, distract or kill their way past any problem encountered within the game world.

"When the first Thief game shipped, it was about the only stealth game available. That didn’t last long–Thief spawned a host of competitors and imitators. But Deadly Shadows is, to my mind, the ultimate stealth simulation. It isn’t just an arcade game or an action game masquerading as a "sneaker," but a full-blown simulation of a world where shadows are your only friends, silence your greatest ally and every character you meet a potential threat. Everything in the game, from lighting to sound to AI to physics to the tools and weapons you carry–everything is designed for stealth. Throw in a strong storyline and a truly memorable central character–Garrett, the master thief–and you have the makings of something really special." Says Warren Spector, director of Ion Storm.

Thief: Deadly Shadows features a powerful physics system, amazingly intelligent AI, dramatically enhanced character modelling and animation, a groundbreaking sound propagation system, state-of-the art lighting and graphics, and for the first time in franchise history a third person perspective. The game systems combine to enhance gameplay and challenge the player.

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