New Law And Order Game In Works

Legacy Interactive, the games publisher who is quickly making a name for itself by bringing television's greatest dramas to life on the PC, announced today two new additions to its "Law & Order" PC game portfolio, Law & Order: Justice is Served and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Vivendi Universal Games will distribute both titles in North America. Law & Order: Justice is Served will ship this fall, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent will be available in Q1 2005. Both titles will be showcased in Legacy Interactive's meeting room at the 2004 E3 Expo in Los Angeles, May 12-14.

Stars from each show will lend their likeness and voices to the animated characters featured in the games. Law & Order: Justice is Served will feature Detectives Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Orbach), Edward Green (Jesse L. Martin) and Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn (Elisabeth Röhm). Making a cameo appearance in Law & Order: Justice is Served, is tennis personality, Patrick McEnroe, who will be featured as himself. Debuting for the first time on the PC, Law & Order: Criminal Intent will star the exceptionally bright homicide investigator, Detective Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio).

"Television's longest lasting drama, Law & Order is now making its mark in the interactive world," said Ariella Lehrer, Chief Executive Officer of Legacy Interactive. "We are very proud to be launching the third installment in the Law & Order PC franchise and are excited to be extending the line to include Law & Order: Criminal Intent," Lehrer added. "Consumers just can't get enough of their favorite television dramas, and are extending their passion to the PC."

In Law & Order: Justice is Served, players are assigned to a murder case involving twenty-year-old tennis sensation, Elena Kusarova, whose body was discovered the day before the start of the U.S. Open. Players will need to search the crime scene, analyze evidence, solve puzzles, interrogate suspects and make arrests alongside Detectives Lennie Briscoe and Ed Green. After a suspect is in custody, the player will need to put a compelling case together with A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn in order to convince the jury to return a guilty verdict. New features for this third installment in the Law & Order game franchise include a new character from the TV show, Detective Ed Green; a re-designed, more intuitive interface; increased interactivity and flexibility with more characters and locations; improved performance; and unlockable bonus content from the actors on the show. With many more interviews and clever puzzles seamlessly integrated into the storyline, this third installment promises to be an even longer, more fulfilling gameplaying experience than the previous versions.

Debuting for the first time as a PC game is Law & Order: Criminal Intent. A different game engine from the previous Law & Order games, Law & Order: Criminal Intent lets the player take on the role of Detective Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) and experience the game from a third person point of view. With multiple cases to solve, the player will investigate crime scenes, search for valuable evidence and interview witnesses and suspects. Law & Order: Criminal Intent offers the player an innovative and psychologically oriented interview technique, to help with breaking down potential suspects. Innovative puzzles ranging from easy to mind-bending are woven into the compelling storyline. Before solving each case, the player must build a profile based on real-life criminal profiling techniques to help track down the killers.

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