NCSoft Opens Online Store

For some people, just playing NCsoft's popular online games isn't enough. And for those seeking more out of their game-playing experience, there's now the PlayNC online store.

At the new PlayNC store, located at, visitors can purchase items such as t-shirts and posters for their favorite NCsoft games, including City of Heroes, City of Villains and Lineage II. Game time cards for Lineage II and City of Heroes are also available, as well as official strategy guides for both games from Prima Publishing. For gamers who don't have access to previously released retail versions of NCsoft games, they now have the convenience of simply purchasing the games directly from the PlayNC store. Merchandise for NCsoft's upcoming titles, Guild Wars and Auto Assault will also appear in the PlayNC store in the coming months.

"Our customers have wanted an NCsoft store for a long time," said Fred Schmidt, vice-president of marketing at NCsoft's North American business. "And this is just one more way we can show our appreciation to our customers and further enhance not only their experience playing our games, but their overall experience with NCsoft. This is just the beginning for our store. We'll be adding much, much more to our inventory, including limited editions of apparel, prints, and other products, so players will want to come back often to see what's new in the PlayNC store."

The PlayNC store accepts all major credit cards and customers have several domestic delivery options, including overnight shipping.

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