Narrative Point and Click Adventure GRUNND Now Available on Steam and GOG

Developer Olafs Osh of SEKTAHOUSE has announced that his handcrafted, fully voice-acted adventure game GRUNND is available now on PC via Steam and for $14.99. In this bizarre and captivating adventure, inspired by the works of David Lynch and Franz Kafka, you decide how the dialogue progresses throughout the game to unravel the mystery. As much as GRUNND is about its characters, it’s also about the protagonist’s introspective journey.

“I’m excited to see how my approach with less focus on puzzles and more on exploration and experiencing the story will be received, and how the players like the world I’ve created for them,” said Olafs Osh, the developer and director of SEKTAHOUSE.

In GRUNND, you find yourself having overslept on the train ride home from work. In a panic, you jump off at the next station and find yourself in Bytown, a seemingly ordinary town just before the sundown. As it happens, you soon find out that the last train back to civilization has just left, and you have no other choice but to explore the surroundings.

The people you encounter in Bytown are bizarre, and while some may seem helpful at first, it quickly becomes apparent that many have their own agenda. Realizing things aren’t quite as they seem, you come to terms that sleep isn’t in the cards for you this evening.

GRUNND Features:

•Captivating Story: Branching dialogues with different outcomes and stories with multiple endings.

•100% Handcrafted: All of what your eyes will see is 100% handcrafted for GRUNND.

•Fully Voiced: Fully voiced English language version of the game. Hear the characters.

•Originial soundtrack: From British composer Edward Watkins alongside southern vibes from Vudu Sister.

GRUNND is SEKTAHOUSE’s debut title and combines stunning graphics and an amazing story in an adventure akin to something between a really captivating movie or book and a fever dream. GRUNND is one of six indie titles funded under the Bright Gambit Initiative. Bright Gambit was launched in January 2022 with the aim of supporting small indie developers and studios by helping them to fund their debut titles.

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