Moto Racer DS Ships

Moto Racer DS, the new motorbike racing game for the Nintendo DS is released to retail today by Nobilis and Ascaron Entertainment. Available to purchase from ASDA, TESCO,,, and GAME, this exhilarating pocket racer enables players to take part in top speed racing and perform a range of daredevil stunts in the Super Cross and Freestyle arenas.

The unique SPH (Stylus Precision Handling) can be used to control bikes on the track and for performing impressive airborne moves. However stunts must be completed before landing or racers will find themselves face down in the dirt eating their competitor's dust. There are 18 impressive tricks to master in Moto Racer DS including:

Kiss of Death – a death defying stunt where the rider moves their head towards the front fender as if to kiss it, while bringing their legs upwards from the bike.

Tsunami – this move sees the racer moving the bike and their body in a vertical position, then curving their legs over to resemble the shape of a wave.

Dead Body – involves the competitor sticking their feet through the handle bars, then flattening out their back as if they were lying dead.

Cordo – whilst holding onto the grips, the rider brings their feet up underneath the bars, pressing knees to chest whilst bending backwards to look upside down.

Moto Racer DS features a range of realistic motorbikes for each racing mode, allowing players to choose the machine with the best specifications for the circuit. This includes machines such as the Rebel SPT- N2, a light weight machine with immense turbo power, ideal for zipping around Super Cross circuits. The Flash SVR, which has fiery acceleration to reach break neck speeds, is well suited to Grand Prix tracks. There are also many bikes available to unlock when tracks have been successfully completed in best times, such as the Hellfire RC1, Ghost Flame, Duke Shookem, Dolce VTA and Raptor XC.

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