Monsters Menace America Board Game Ships

Board gaming has taken on monstrous proportions with the release of Monsters Menace America, the newest title from iconic strategy board game brand AVALON HILL, published by Seattle-based hobby game leader Wizards of the Coast (NYSE: HAS).

In the game, players control campy, B-movie monsters who stomp, crush, burn, and battle their way across North America en route to becoming the biggest, baddest giant monster on the continent. The object of the game? Stomp cities, grow in power and infamy, defeat the National Guard and make yours the last monster standing!

"Monsters Menace America lets players crush their least favorite city into oblivion," said Linda Cox, Brand Manager for AVALON HILL at Wizards of the Coast.

But life as a giant monster is no walk in the park. Should the health of your fiendish friend drop too low it faces exile in Hollywood to live as a sad, sideshow attraction. The game ends with the Monster Challenge, in which all the monsters battle to see who will become King of the Monsters and win the game.

Monsters Menace America is suitable for two to four players, ages twelve and older and features an MSRP of $45 ($60 CAN).

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