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Mobile payment solutions for online casino players

A significant percentage of online gamblers choose mobile devices over computers to play their favorite games. This trend is going strong and it is likely to gain further ground in the future, so online casinos have adjusted their payment methods. They meet players halfway by providing them with banking options that are tailor-made to meet the expectations of those who play on smartphones and tablets. Many operators have them listed side-by-side with classic payment methods, while a few have moved exclusively to mobile payment solutions for online casino players.

Mobile gambling generates most of the revenue

In recent years, the percentage of players signing up for an account from mobile devices and gambling on smartphones and tablets has increased. With a significant percentage of the gambling revenue generated by mobile users, it was only natural for the number of dedicated payment methods to increase. Credit, debit and prepaid cards, as well as ewallets and wire transfers still have plenty of fans. While they haven’t been outright replaced by mobile payment solutions, the latter are used by casual and veteran punters.

Commonly referred to as M-payments, some of these banking options were developed and promoted by major mobile producers and creators of operating systems. Apple Pay is a shining example of a payment method embraced wholeheartedly by those who gamble on iPhones and iPads. Because of its simplicity and intuitive nature, it can be used by anyone using a smart phone powered by the iOS operating system. It allows for land-based payments and online purchases in addition to all forms of Internet gambling.

Google has its own mobile payment solution that can be used by online gamblers to fund their accounts and enjoy their favorite games. Deposits are performed instantly and players don’t have to pay additional fees, so these are win-win situations for mobile gamblers. The payment method has a dedicated app that is installed on the very device used for playing, so punters have everything at their fingertips. In addition to the specialized app, players have the option of using the browser versions to top of their casino accounts.

Niche mobile payment solutions

In addition to the main suppliers of payment options for mobile gamblers, Internet casino fans have several worthy alternatives. New fintech brands such as OKTO have emerged to challenge the existing payment methods and supply players with an alternative and far more convenient way of making deposits and cashing out profits. They still trail behind in popularity established e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill which can also be used to fund an online account.

Some online casino sites, you can click here to see some, are ready to take things to the next level and contemplate the possibility of developing their own mobile payment solutions. This can put a significant burden on their resources and require a certain degree of experience, but it could pay off in the long run. Players who choose to deposit in this manner are advised to do it at a casino that is licensed and regulated.

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