Mile Of Cry Gets Website

Michael Weber, CEO and project manager of Fearless company, based in Wroclaw (Poland), announced that Mile of Cry's – point and click adventure game in psychological horror mood has a completely new website.

On the website users can find screenshots, teasers, and a game description. And there is a forum too.

The game's story focuses on Adam, a 36-year-old man suffering from a specific variety of amnesia, and living on the outskirts of the small town, which lies in a hermetic environment and keeps many gruesome secrets from the past. The nucleus of the story is Adam's dream which prior to delivery to the Adam's home a mysterious message that requires the hero to find a woman named Eleanor.

Everything would be fine if it didn't turn out that women is dead…and that's because the boundary between the real and the fictional world will seize every minute. However, surprisingly, Adam leverage young companion, 10-year old boy – suffering from Down's syndrome – who turns out to be an invaluable ally in the hero's journey through his own madness. Although, the definition of Mile of Cry is to be maintained in the vein of classic point and click adventure game with the view from third person.

The authors predict many interesting solutions for game rules and submit non-standard game flow. Wroclaw team focuses attention on such elements as: a system of dynamic dialogues, a number of possibilities for taking action at any given time (resulting in a subsequent game), dynamic camera system affecting the presentation of events in a truly cinema style, as well as the universe of games made in full 3D, and enriched by the multitude of modern graphic effects (such as HDR and dynamic shadows).

In Mile of Cry, the player will have the opportunity to visit many different locations, including abandoned psychiatric hospital, orphanage, old town and the fishing harbor. Beating his own Mile of Cry, a player sometimes will face both a purely logical riddles, as well as situational ones, consisting of a skilful use of the environment and the proper conduct a conversation with NPC's.

After all, people who appear on Adam's way – according to the "what's happening in our home, stays in our home" – in any case will not be willing to help. Mile of Cry will be released exclusively for the PC in the fourth quarter of 2010.
Manufacturers interested in Mile of Cry project are welcome to visit the official website –

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