Microgaming signs licensing agreement for Highlander


Things have changed as Microgaming signs licensing agreement for Highlander™! People will be thrilled that this is the case, because it means that they are going to get a lot of great games that have a Highlander theme.

The Highlander franchise has lasted for a very long time, and it seems that it has stood the test of time. When a franchise is picked up by the next generation, it is usually a good sign. It suggests that the franchise is going to endure, or it at least has the potential for that. People have now officially liked the Highlander franchise for generations, and so it is possible that new generations will continue to like it as well.

It is true that the Highlander franchise has never been as popular as some franchises, like the Star Wars franchise. Still, it is really difficult to compete with media like that. One of the factors that influences whether or not a particular franchise will endure concerns the extent to which it has crossed over into a wide range of different media.

Star Wars, for instance, has inspired multiple television shows, several different film series, a wide range of different books, graphic novels, and countless games and video games. This has not quite been the case with Highlander. However, this is still very much the sort of franchise that has managed to inspire a lot of attention, and it has crossed into different media.

There was a successful and long-running Highlander television series. There have been several different Highlander movies. It is true that people largely prefer the first Highlander movie and the television series, and many of the other Highlander films are not well-regarded. However, plenty of Star Wars films have failed to garner praise as well, especially the infamous prequel trilogy.

There have been multiple Highlander comic series. It seems that there is a new one that is on the verge of being released as well. This is a good sign, and it helps to demonstrate that this is still a living franchise that has a lot of fans and that is still generating new material. The fact that Microgaming is going to create games that have a Highlander theme is a very good sign for all of the fans of the franchise.

Microgaming will manage to promote this franchise to a lot of new people as a result, and that is certainly something to be commended. Most fans should want their favorite shows and films to be seen by a lot of different people. The fan base of this franchise should expand as a result of this deal. This is a deal that is good for Microgaming, of course, which is always on the lookout for popular new themes for popular new games.

The fact that they believed that it was even possible for a lot of new Highlander games to be really popular is also a good sign. It demonstrates the staying power that Highlander really has after all of these years.


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