Mercury Meltdown Moving To Wii

A perfect pick-up-and-play game for a perfect pick-up-and-play console, Mercury Meltdown Revolution is an entertaining puzzle game for the Wii console offering a rewarding and deep experience with a great value at only $19.99.

The Wii-Remote provides the optimal experience for tilting your environment, guiding the Mercury to the goal, and letting you physically sense how far to move your Wii-Remote for optimal times and scores. Although easy to navigate, the game is a mind-boggle as well, to successfully complete a level, you must guide your blob by mixing colors, maintaining speeds and changing weights. Each level, called a "lab", will start off with a whacky silver liquid blob, which needs to be divided into smaller blobs, in turn these blobs must be carefully guided into paint stations so they can become a different color to bypass one or more barriers, and then onto the finish line!

Rolling to stores the week of September 25, 2007 this game will be available for the Holiday Season.

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