Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Sue Acclaim

Lawyers for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have filed a suit in Los Angeles for breach of contract and lost royalty fees against Acclaim Entertainment.

Acclaim had agreed to develop and publish a line of games based on the adventures of the Olsen twins. However, with sales of the game lagging behind their other projects, like a clothing line for girls, the twins say the publisher is not doing enough for their game line. The suit claims that Acclaim "blatantly abandoned the Mary-Kate and Ashley line and has taken the franchise of the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand in videogames and has now run it into the ground."

They are asking for $500,000 in damages. In addition to lost royalty for the game, the suit claims the poor performance of the game is bad for their business empire. The suit claims that Acclaim's mishandling of the game has created "the single dark spot on the otherwise unblemished success story of the Mary-Kate and Ashley brand across myriad media and territories."

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