Margarita Gets 24, CSI 3 Audio Deal

One of Hollywood’s leading audio post and recording houses, Margarita Mix Hollywood (MMHD), a studio under The LA Studios, Inc. (, announced today that it has been selected for two new gaming titles: "24 – The Game" and "CSI 3: Dimensions of Murder." "24" is being produced by Sony Computer Entertainment and "CSI" by Ubisoft. Both games were brought to MMHD through the videogame industry’s first choice for outsourcing Hollywood production services, Blindlight, LLC, which has worked extensively with MMHD in the past.

"CSI" and "24 – The Game" mark the newest gaming projects for The LA Studios Inc. The studio group was previously tapped for two of the gaming industry’s most successful titles: "Half Life 2" and "Halo 2," and completed audio mixing, sound design and voiceover recording for the games.

"As the gaming industry continues to grow and evolve, consumers demand higher quality in every aspect of their experience," said Lev Chapelsky, GM and Partner with Blindlight. "The sounds, the effects, the voices, all need to be as realistic and consistent with their environment as possible. Margarita Mix Hollywood ensures that the audio quality supports and raises the gaming experience."

"It comes down to the professionalism that everyone at Margarita Mix Hollywood brings to the table," Dawn Hershey, C.S.A., said. "They have the best equipment, environment and people available."

"Audio is essential to and enhances the gaming experience," said Geoff Nathanson, GM at Margarita Mix Hollywood. "Gamers expect quality and developers know that high quality audio can make a difference. Our mixers know how to work with the people creating these games to take the sound to the next level."

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