Magic Ages MMORPG Set For September Launch

VestGame Entertainment has announced that Magic Ages, its first fantasy MMORPG, will be ready for its North America release by the end of September. The company will soon also reveal the launch date for its closed beta testing.

Set against the backdrop of an enchanted land and seeped in Norse and religious mythology, Magic Ages, is an immersive 2.5D MMORPG which has been in development for over one year. On the eve of Lucifer's escape from hell, the game plunges its players into an ancient war between two rival human kingdoms torn apart by hatred and on the verge of destruction. Having been tested and proven in the Asian market for eight months, the game's developers feel confident that Magic Ages, will provide a compelling alternative to existing free MMOs. With its appealing graphics, rich plotline and variety of game options, Magic Ages, is expected to become a landmark for free MMORPGs. Along with its strong guild system which enables players to collaborate and compete with each other, Magic Ages also enhances the interactive experience by integrating an innovative audio and video chat system into the game environment.

Magic Ages,

‘Magic Ages' is distributed by VestGame Entertainment, a Pasadena based MMORPG operator and distributor. Since 2002, VestGame Entertainment has been developing the market, providing value-added services for the gaming community by adopting advanced technology, and providing online players with the exciting fantasy games.


VestGame Entertainment is expected to release a second game by the end of October and is currently developing a series of other projects which will hit the North American market early next year.

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