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Life is Strange Developer Shows Glimpse of Next Game Vampyr

Riding the wave of success from Life is Strange, developer, Dontnod Entertainment has revealed screenshots of its new title, Vampyr.

It couldn’t be further away from the sunset drenched coastline of Life is Strange. Vampyr takes place in the dark, grimy streets of London, at the turn of the last century. The city has been devastated by World War I and the Spanish Flu, making it the perfect feeding ground for vampires.

You play as a vampire in this horror RPG, which lets you decide who you feed on. The only catch is that every character you kill has some impact on the way the world events play out.

Expect combat, key narrative choices and an historically accurate setting. This is an ambitious take on vampires, which haven’t been tackled that much in games. And kudos to Dontnod for changing it up from one game to the next – from Remember Me to Life is Strange and now Vampyr, this team is showing some versatility.

Take a look at last year’s concept teaser and the new artwork:

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3 thoughts on “Life is Strange Developer Shows Glimpse of Next Game Vampyr”

  1. This game sounds very intriguing. I also appreciate that the developer is trying varied games. Looking forward to seeing more of this game soon!!

    1. I agree Jbumi – nobody’s really done an interesting take on vampires, in games, so it should be interesting to see how the mechanics work.

  2. Well, the best Vampire game ever created, and one of the top ten best games of all time in my mind is Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. It had an amazing plot that changed based on your actions and even what vampire clan you were playing, a fairly open world to explore (for the time) and even good graphics using the Half-life engine, which again, for the time, was amazing. It even has some of the best single missions that are always brought up when people talk about the best of a type. The haunted hotel mission is a classic that shows what a true haunting is like. The mission in the insane mansion is filled with deep dread and a sense of ennui that had never been captured in video games before (or again). There are even plot twists that you wont see coming, backstabbing and betrayal all around. So while I am really excited for Vampyr, for me, the bar is pretty darn high.

    You can still play Bloodlines through Steam for less than $10 today if anyone is interested and I would highly recommend anyone interested in this genre to give it a try. I have gone through and played it something like four and a half times myself, and I am NOT into vampires at all. As a bonus, it should run fine on just about any computer or laptop today being over 10 years old at this point.

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