Leisure Suite Larry Creator Makes Joke Sim

Mobile users looking for laughter on-the-go need to search no further, as Al Lowe's CyberJoke 3000 is available now for purchase through the iTunes App Store. From the creator of the popular Leisure Suit Larry series, Al Lowe presents over one hundred of his favorite jokes, personally picked to provide the most entertainment and laugh-out-loud moments ever experienced on their iPhone/ iPod Touch.

After spending over sixteen years at Sierra On-Line and serving as the master behind the computer software industry's most hilarious and edgiest series ever, Al Lowe now introduces the newest way to bring non-stop fun and gut-busting moments wherever you go. And the best part of all, all one needs to do to take part in the enjoyment is "listen."

That's right, simply listen along as comedian Chuck Myers tells joke after joke for entertainment that will have you and your friends cracking up for hours on end. But be prepared. With a 17+ rating, some of these jokes are not for the faint of heart.

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