Legion Of Steel Now Available

legionofsteelfx01An inhospitable planet on the far side of the galaxy. A section of elite commandos is fighting in bleak corridors, in the underground of the Machines production facilities. At the spearhead of the Interstellar League, these well-equipped assault units can only rely on surprise and their iron will to win against infinite waves of robotic minions.

In such a hostile environment, every corner, every door entrance is potentially lethal. High-tech grenades, advanced cover systems and firing techniques are certainly the best assets of the Human troopers, but they may not be enough to survive until the following turn…

Today players have the chance to lead the commandos or the killer machines with the release of Legions of Steel on PC! Along with two intense single player campaigns, this fast-paced Sci-fi tactical game offers a skirmish mode with a set of scenarios playable in normal conditions or with the Electronic Warfare system turned on. This game mode plunges the players into darkness, leaving them with no intel but what their units see and what their radar checks indicate.

This nerve-racking game of hide and seek is extended in multiplayer with traditional heads-up confrontations and online tournaments. Indeed, for the very first time the PBEM++ technology developed by Slitherine integrates a Swiss-system tournament adapted to pro and casual players!

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