Last Train Home Reveals Release Date Trailer and Steam Demo

THQ Nordic and developer Ashborne Games have revealed the upcoming release date of their RTS title Last Train Home with their new trailer. In Last Train Home, players must lead a group of Czechoslovakian soldiers home in the aftermath of World War I. Last Train Home’s planned released date is November 28, 2023 on PC, and its free demo is also available to play on Steam.

Last Train Home is inspired by real events of the Czechoslovak Legion trapped in the chaos of civil war in the heart of Russia. Aboard an armored train, players must venture into the unforgiving landscape of Siberia and safely bring their soldiers back home.

Last Train Home Features:

• Pick Your Battles: Deploy your squad and complete diverse objectives in real-time missions where specialist combat skills, planning, and superior tactics will lead you to victory.

• Equip Your Soldiers: Level up your men by unlocking new skills and gathering better equipment – discover their stories, assign medals, and help them rise up through the ranks.

• Manage Your Crew: Direct your soldiers in their non-combat roles onboard the train. Craft items, heal your wounded, and restore morale for the arduous journey home.

• Upgrade Your Train: Unlock your armored train’s full potential by upgrading the carriages and locomotive and oversee important maintenance work to keep it running.

• Journey Through Siberia: Stockpile and trade supplies, make new allies, and overcome crisis after crisis as civil war rages across the vast snowfields of Siberia.

• Based on Historical Events: The Last Train Home is compelling narrative that portrays the experiences of the Czechoslovak Legion and their valiant fight on behalf of the Entente powers during World War I.

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