Kraven the Hunter: Will the Movie Prowl Its Way into the Gaming World?

The video game industry is indeed ingenious. From first-person shooters to casino slots like Buffalo Rising Megaways, there is enough variety to satisfy almost anyone into video games and then some more.

Some video games have become so popular they turn into movies and TV shows, as is the case with the popular RPG franchise Fallout, with a TV series scheduled for a 2024 release.

However, what about the other way around? Are movies fit to become video games? There’s a very interesting situation to explore with Kraven the Hunter, an exciting movie with top stars that aims to become one of next year’s top hits.

Let’s explore what makes movies good video games and whether such a thing might be possible with Kraven the Hunter.

About Kraven the Hunter

This movie is based on Marvel Comics eponymous character, Kraven the Hunter. It’s touted as a superhero movie with an impressive roster of actors, including Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the main character. Ariana DeBose, Russell Crowe, and many others are on the cast, too.

Little is known about the plot because it hasn’t been released yet. However, it’ll deal with Sergei Kravinoff, a Russian immigrant, embarking on a quest to prove he’s the best hunter in the world.

There are many exciting locales, as shown by the trailers. These include the Savannah, forests, snow-capped mountains, and a whole lot of action with firefights, melee combat, and many other elements that can make it an instant classic in the genre.

Just by looking at the trailer, it’s evident that the movie could make for a great action video game. However, the fact that a movie is packed with action doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll end up being a good gaming experience.

After all, people play video games for fun. As such, any movie-turned-video game needs to compete with industry titans. For example, would a magic-and-fantasy game based on a movie be able to compete with titles such as Skyrim and the impact it had on gaming expectations overall?

Let’s look at what makes for good games and whether Kraven the Hunter might succeed in each regard.

Engaging Storytelling

In movies, storytelling is paramount. Everyone knows the good guys will win, but something deep inside us still wants to enjoy the process until that final confirmation. Storytelling is important in video games; however, other factors are equally important, or arguably more, such as the gameplay experience.

Still, for a movie-turned-game, balancing storytelling and gameplay is a complicated feat. This is because it has to feel like the original source but make the player actively participate in events.

How do you do that without hindering the player’s freedom? And if you do, will it become boring and repetitive? After all, if you want as little agency as possible, you can simply watch the movie.

Kraven the Hunter has many action elements, which would probably be the best feature of a video game featuring its name.

Correct Gameplay

As mentioned, if you’re dealing with an action movie, a video game adaptation should probably be an action game. This doesn’t mean that you, as a player, should execute the same action sequences as in the movie because it would be boring.

A successful adaptation should combine action sequences with other elements such as exploration, puzzles, and other features. It can expand the original plot by adding elements that don’t betray the original premise. 

For instance, large areas could serve as a hunting field for elements to create or repair weapons or find resources for other purposes. 

Believable Characters

Nothing is more terrible than a poor portrayal of movie characters in a video game. Stiff animations, incorrect lip-synching, and overall poor detail can be a disaster. Motion capture of the actors is a great way to overcome this, but it’s time-consuming and expensive.

Additionally, characters should be well-developed and not contradict their behavior in the movie. This is difficult since they will likely interact much more in the game than shown on the screen.

Immersive World Building

As with characters, the world shouldn’t be any less than breathtaking. It’s not just because current games offer incredible experiences but also because it’s critical for immersion. And immersion keeps players wanting more.

In action or superhero movies, sometimes locations are a mere excuse for a change in pace or add variety. The hero normally doesn’t take considerable time deeply interacting with the environment. This isn’t the case with video games.

A compelling world should be meticulously recreated, reflecting the movie’s atmosphere. In the case of Kraven the Hunter, it means many different settings, which can prove daunting. If the game offers exploration, which would be logical, it’s even more taxing.

Players should be able to explore and interact with each location, discovering items or crafting things to help them. This is complicated when the game doesn’t have a single theme. For instance, you might find trees in a forest to craft something, but what about the peaks of mountains?

New elements in each area would make it much more believable, but it takes a lot of resources to pull it off, and it can offer mixed results. One area might turn out much more exciting than another one.

It Should Be Fun

Kraven the Hunter is poised to be a very entertaining movie for fans of the genre. This factor can’t be stressed enough because it’s crucial in a video game. Without the fun factor, video games are basically glorified interactive animations.

However, it’s not like developers can concoct a magical “fun” potion and throw it into the mix. It’s an emergent feature of video games, coming from the combination of everything mentioned before and more.

This is quite difficult to achieve because an idea or game mechanic might sound good on paper, but it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it’ll work in a fun way when all the elements are combined.

This movie seems to have all the elements to become a proper video game. Whether it’ll be a good or bad gaming experience depends on design choices and how well the developing team captures the essence of the film. A difficult yet possible balance to achieve.

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