King Of Fighters XIII Steam Edition Now Available

SNK Playmore USA Corporation recently announced the worldwide release of The King Of Fighters XIII Steam Edition on the Steam for PC gaming platform.

The King Of Fighters, the pinnacle of 2D versus fighting from SNK Playmore, makes its way to PC via the Steam platform as The King Of Fighters XIII Steam Edition! With its massively improved netcode, players can now challenge other fighters from around the world in smooth online versus matches. A custom "Graphic Options" feature (which allows you to adjust the game to your PC’s settings) has been newly implemented, and the console ver.’s DLC Characters ("NESTS-style Kyo", "Iori with the Power of Flames", and "Mr. Karate") have been included for free as part of this "Ultimate" Steam Edition of KOF XIII as well! With the huge roster of 36 characters, fans will surely enjoy challenging players of all levels across the globe in The King Of Fighters XIII Steam Edition.


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