Jagged Blade Releases Xeno Assault II

Jagged Blade Software proudly announces the release of Xeno Assault II,
the sequel to the critically acclaimed hit Xeno Assault. In this second chapter the forces of earth must fight once again against another massive invasion force from a race of evil insect aliens. A lone pilot is the only chance left for humanity.

Xeno Assault II brings a new level of excitement to the overcrowded arcade shooter genre. The game boasts a huge variety of weapons, enemies and ways to kill them! Blast your way through 100 stages of hostile encounters whilst using power-ups to keep yourself kicking. During an
average game you will destroy quite literally thousands of alien spacecraft, but the carnage doesn’t stop there, every so often you will be confronted by new challenges such as asteroids and fast moving cargo ships. In Xeno Assault II competition is a prime factor as you can now compete with players all around the world, see if you can top the Online
Hall of Fame!

Xeno Assault II runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP and costs $19.95 (USD). The full version of the game contains huge amounts of game-play on top
of what is available in the demo version.

"I am very pleased to announce this sequel indeed! A huge number of things have been improved and reworked for #2, and we feel they have come together brilliantly to make a very exciting addition to the arcade
shooter world. In the first game the player ship used to be limited to the bottom of the screen, but now we have set it free with vertical movement, which makes the game much more exciting and challenging." said Neil Yates, Lead Games Producer at Jagged Blade Software.

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