Incoming Kaiju as Kaiju Wars Attacks Steam

Foolish Mortals have unleashed a monster trailer as a part of the MIX 10th anniversary showcase, announcing that Kaiju Wars will launch on Steam, April 28th, 2022. The love letter to classic kaiju cinema is a mix of turn-based genre classics, with a one-against-many twist, where players hopelessly command an army against an impending monster attack.

“Kaiju Wars places players in an uncomfortable position of stopping what feels like the inevitable. In classic kaiju style, the monsters attacking Floatio city are nearly unstoppable.” Shared Michael Long, CEO of Foolish Mortals “You have the technology to predict the kaiju’s next step, but even that can lead to overthinking and your undoing. We hope Kaiju Wars offers a truly fresh experience to the turn-based genre, while being fondly reminiscent of the kaiju genre the team appreciates dearly.”

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