Impulse Releases

Taparo, the author of Robo Pinball, an original concept Shockwave 3D pinball game, announces today the release of another creation, which game developers expect to be one of the hits among logic puzzle games this season: Impulse. Impulse is a game, which has no direct analogs, since the concept underlying the game is truly original. The main aim of the gamer playing Impulse is to make the ball hit the given target. The plot seems to be familiar, but this time it takes an unexpected twist: the player is supposed to use the principles of gravity to direct the disobedient ball.

Many obstacles stand in the players’ path: they are different in size and character of tricks, which they can play upon them. The ball hits the given target due to the explosion caused by a bomb, which the player can place anywhere. The bomb has a special timer, which allows the player to set the time of explosion. It is worth of note that the last option does not seem to be redundant, when you come across real brain-twisting situations, which the game abounds in. Some obstacles are simple like blocks; others are quite intricate like force fields, for example.

Impulse offers an entire arsenal of bombs to apply, including explosive bombs, implosive bombs, bounce-bombs and teleporter, which delivers the ball to a specified place. Besides, all objects involved into the game possess diverse unique characteristics. For example, some of them may render assistance in completing the lever, others may give you important tips on the game. Some objects are used to activate the target. Impulse provides for absolutely unique opportunities for gameplay time management. The player may resort to the help of such options as Time Slider, Start Slider and Timeline. The first helps to jump to the specified time, the second allows players to start the game from any chosen moment, and the third informs players about the precise time of an explosion.

The whole game of Impulse is a tough nut to crack, since it features 8 complex episodes (16 to 24 levels for an episode). You need new gameplay impressions? Impulse is the right choice!

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