Iceberg Interactive Announces New AirportSim Demo on Steam

Developer MS Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced that their highly anticipated airport ground handling simulator called AirportSim now has a new demo available on Steam. Developed by a team of aviation enthusiasts, AirportSim offers players a chance to experience the challenges and thrills of managing the ground handling of a bustling airport with a wide variety of interactive tasks.

In AirportSim, players will step into the shoes of various airport ground staff. Service planes with true-to-life details including real connecting points, door operations, refueling systems, lights, sounds, and general ground procedures during the plane turnaround. The game features ground layouts, plane parking, lines, and gate numbers inspired by real-world airports like Vagar Airport, Keflavik Airport, Warsaw Chopin Airport and Key West. It also offers multiple gameplay modes, stunning visuals, a deep level of customization, and a dynamic weather system mapped in conjunction with the METAR system.

Players can enjoy the new AirportSim demo on Steam and embark on a journey to manage their dream airport from the ground, and experience the exhilaration of running a successful aviation hub. AirportSim will be releasing later this year on PC and Xbox.

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