Hyperice Launches Esports Scholarship with University of California Irvine

Hyperice Inc., a leading performance technology company known for its recovery and mobility devices, today announces the first-ever health and wellness esports scholarship. The program is designed to incorporate Hyperice’s world class technology, education and methodology into the esports community at University of California Irvine (UCI). Two individuals who have a sports medicine background and a passion for esports will be selected in the fall of 2019.

In an effort to create the most optimal playing environment for its student athletes, and to enhance athlete longevity, UCI and Hyperice are making health and wellness a top priority. UCI is known for one of the most innovative collegiate esports programs in the world, and was recently ranked the No. 1 school for gamers by College Magazine. As part of the scholarship program the organizations will also be working to create:

• Gamer specific sports medicine content, educational workshops, tutorials and protocols, designed collaboratively.
• A sports medicine curriculum designed to enhance athlete longevity, improve playing conditions, and optimize performance.
• A UC Irvine esports Wellness Pods, established for athlete warm up, rehabilitation and recovery.

“Health and wellness are crucial for UCI Esports as we try to push the boundaries of human performance within esports,” said Mark Deppe, Director of UCI Esports. “This visionary gift from Hyperice will provide the necessary people and equipment to keep all of our students healthy and fit. These scholarships are also notable as they will be the first for non-players and demonstrate that a successful program relies on talented people in many different roles.”

It is well-known that the rigorous demands of esports athletes take a toll on the body physically, resulting in muscle soreness and strains. These physical demands have led to injuries and ailments, often leaving athletes unable to perform at the highest levels both mentally and physically.

“Many competitive esports athletes do not prioritize health and human performance at the levels traditional athletes do,” said Hyperice CEO Jim Huether. “We are excited to implement this first of its kind wellness technology program as a way to support UCI Esports, as well as educate the collegiate gaming community on the importance of taking care of your physical health.”

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